Our Story


We're Shiri and Shusha, the proud owners of Happu Happy Toys our family business focusing on wooden and ecological toys.

We wish to return to the basics, enabling our children and families to feel the material, feel the wood using magical wooden toys and restore the bond between humans, trees and mother nature. 

Shusha, The woman and the dream is a Hydrotherapist specializes in children and infants, connected to nature, trees and water in particular.
Water enthusiast, fascinated by the magic of water and the positive effect on children and their mental and physical development.
Believes believes in contact to nature, and strives to allow children everywhere to touch trees and wood throughout playing with Happu's wooden toys. 

Operating as an online store in US we aim for quality products that have been carefully selected. We support educational products and products that encourage creativity and imagination.

Our quality toys are built to last and can be passed on to future generations, enable re-discovery at any age, bringing smiles, great pleasure and joy to our little ones, families and friends.